1. Will kotaku finally be stopped?

  2. Every Teenagers #1911



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    GET THIS TO 100K

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    a lone man begs for mercy in an unforgiving world

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    Granicha has been out for over three months and, as far as I can tell, no one at all has discovered the hidden content. 


  6. Comparing Zoe Quinn to the YouTube abuse allegations.


    I usually try to avoid sharing my opinions on tumblr because well. It’s fucking tumblr. But I’m really sad and pissed off right now, so I thought, good, that’s totally the best time to make a post.

    If you haven’t heard about Zoe Quinn, here’s a master post about her, but I will be specifically addressing this, which is what is most important to me.

    But first, a while back a series of youtubers got done in for sexual abuse against fans/there partners. Tumblr/YouTube reacted really well in my opinion, the outcome was most of these people were stripped of there power and on the whole rejected by the community. There were the extreme fan girls who sided with there beloved, but for the most part, people sided with the victims, as one should in an abuse allegation. I am bringing this up because tumblr feminists and I usually don’t get along, but this is an example of a time where we all were very happy with the outcome.

    Zoe Quinns behavior towards her partner was abusive. She manipulated him, she lied to him, and she made him feel like he was the one doing wrong by questioning her about the cheating she definitely was doing. Time and time again she got him to trust her and then abused his trust. I say this as someone who’s been pretty rubbish in past relationships, and has learnt to recognise the patterns very quickly. 

    The tumblr community completely kicked out the youtube guys based on accusations with less evidence, so I thought when I looked at the Zoe Quinn tag I would see a bunch of feminists talking about how this behaviour is not welcome in there movement, and how important it is to treat your loved ones with the respect that they deserve. 

    Here’s what I saw:
    1. Anti-feminists laughing at feminism because one of there icons has done terrible things.
    2. People talking about how corrupt gaming journalism is because someone can sleep there way to popularity.
    3. Feminists defending Zoe’s action on account of they’re just the accusations of a bitter ex-boyfriend and how people are using this as a way to shame womens sexuality. 
    4. People complaining about JonTron for some reason.

    You know what I didn’t see:
    1. People recognising an abusive and manipulative relationship with substantial evidence backing the accusations.
    2. People talking about how it’s always better to side with the victim in abuse allegations because very rarely do people make these allegations for nothing.
    3. People talking about how Zoe is not welcome in the feminist movement if she is going to set an example by abusing her partner, something that feminism has always had a strong stance against.
    4. People having a wider discussion about emotional abuse.

    Maybe it’s that the youtubers had a larger degree of power over there fans, maybe it’s that they have better role models at the top of there community (in the Green Brothers,) maybe it’s because she’s a woman and he’s a man, maybe it’s because it’s overshadowed by the gaming journalism aspect, maybe it’s because she’s a feminist, maybe it’s because we have more evidence, who knows. But what we have is someone important in feminism in gaming has abused there partner, and the resounding response has not been a giant “NO” and it’s disgusting. 

    When the youtubers got accused they all gave semi remorseful responses and got kicked out as they should be. When Zoe Quinn got accused she basically responded with “Fuck you it’s my private life I do what I want.” And used slut shaming as a scapegoat for her terrible behaviour. Basically, teenage girls who idolized a group of young men did a better job of hold them responsible for there actions then a movement that has “stop abusive relationships” in it’s job description.

    For everyone who is talking about abuse thank you for taking a look at the situation and recognising what (obviously in my opinion,) was important.

    (It is also incredibly frustrating knowing that she will now be cited as a reason women can’t be in gaming and be used to excuse a whole lot of sexism. Anyway, rant out.)

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    Buy all of these people’s products to make shitbabies mad.

    go buy these games/support these devs and further the evil social justice warrior crusade against helpless straight cis white normal guy matyrs jontron et al

    EA really is a terrible company though.

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    How to fix all problems in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Either that or, y’know, quitting after the first night!

    (No, Pirate Cove guy, you don’t get anything. >:C)

    This has been said again and again, if they saw the suit they’d shove an endoskeleton back in. That’s if you’re going by phonebro’s word; It’s pretty damn obvious that they’re out to get YOU. (staring at the camera, etc.)

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